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Now a days many useful websites are blocked in different areas due to some political and other issues and people can’t get benefits from these helpful sites. As an example youtube is blocked in Pakistan from over a year and internet users of Pakistan are desperate to visit youtube because Youtube provides very helping and entertaining stuff for its visitors. There are many different ways to open access to all blocked websites as i mention in one of my previous post. But there are still some isssues with these methods like waste of bandwidth due to ads showing up in these softwares and also connectivity issues as well.

Today i am going to tell you about a free vpn service named as private tunnel. Last night i was trying to connect to youtube and i tried all softwares like spotflux, hotspot shield and web freer but the speed of internet was not so good and these software waste my bandwidth, so i search in google for a better solution and i find Private tunnel. Its a bit complicated software but i will tell you the complete proceedure.

1:- Download Private Tunnel From Official Site here you can got Ocean of Games


2: After downloading this software then you can install Private Tunnel Free VPN to your computer

3: After Installation Open Private Tunnel. It will ask you for registration to sign up.

4: Register your account using your email address.

5: Now sign in to Private Tunnel (Don’t forget to select a server)

6: Enjoy your ride to all blocked websites with full speed.

Private Tunnel Reviews:

Private tunnel is a best free vpn service provider this tool you can get in ocean of games. When it connects to any of its server it will hide your ip and your free vpn connection will turn on. You can visit any block website at full speed without waisting your bandwidth. It provides upto 100mb free bandwidth for first time and will give you 100mb per referral download. Try it and if you like share it with your friends and relatives.

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