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food deliveryMedifast Review With working hours seeming to get longer and free leisure time becoming ever more of a luxury that fewer people are able to enjoy, losing weight has had to take a back seat for many people even though the very job they are doing is doubtless contributing to their overweight status. People need a simple diet solution that they can incorporate into their busy days that doesn’t eat into what scant leisure time they have.

One such simple, convenient and time saving solution is Medifast.

There are several diet Savour food delivery companies providing convenient diet programs that involve all your food being delivered to your home to save you time and effort in having to go to the store to buy food and then to prepare and cook it yourself. Medifast also provides this service and it makes the process of losing weight much more doable for busy working people. Many Medifast reviews provide useful information on how the diet plans work and what is actually involved for the dieter in using the program to its best advantage.

This article will endeavor to fulfil these criteria as well.

What is Medifast?

First of all, this is a diet company that provides ready to go diet meals for people who need to lose weight but do not have the time to put into a conventional diet. The dieter can choose between a variety of different diet plans available on the official Medifast website and then further customize the menu to suit their own needs, preferences and tastes. The order is then packaged up and shipped to the home of the dieter, where they start the diet after unpacking everything and storing the food in a suitable place (some in a cool pantry some in a fridge and some in a freezer).

How Does Medifast Work?

The diet works by providing you with several small meals that you eat throughout the day. Meals are calorie and portion controlled so you eat the correct amount at each sitting. Eating little and often is known to cause the body’s metabolism to increase in efficiency so the food is processed more efficiently and also cause the body to burn stored fat to make up the shortfall in energy provided by the meals. The net result is weight loss.

What Are the Diet Plans?

There are several diet plans designed to meet the specific needs of different groups. So women will have slightly different menu to men, seniors will be different to younger people. There are plans specifically designed for vegetarians, diabetics, those with certain food allergies etc. The full plan descriptions can be found on their website.

One common theme running through all the plans is that there are several small meals to be eaten throughout the day to ensure that hunger is not a problem and to boost metabolism and fat burning.

How Much Does Medifast Cost?

The cost of each diet plan is slightly different and it would be inappropriate to publish current prices in this article as it is not meant for regular update and therefore as process change they will be out of date and inaccurate. To give you a ballpark figure, you should expect to pay around $11 a day over the full term of the diet (cost approximation for the year 2012) although this can vary depending on individual customization of the menus.

In any case, this makes the diet very cost effective when you consider what you normally spend on all your food per day over a period of several weeks. Many people spend more than that on their daily breakfast, so it really can work out quite inexpensive to get on the Medifast diet and start losing weight in what has to be one of the simplest and most convenient ways of dieting currently on sale.

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