How to Protect Your Credit Card Details from Getting in Hands of Tech Criminals, When You Shop Online

How to Protect Your Credit Card Details from Getting in Hands of Tech Criminals, When You Shop Online

Today, shopping online is a way of life. It is an add-on to the three fundamentals of life: eat, pray and love. Now, you can buy anything starting from fashion to daily necessities. The convenience is the reason online shopping has reached all corners of the world. Of course, who has the time to stand in queues after driving through the stiff city traffic?

The concept of online shopping has evolved with technology and the choice of consumers, but still even today shopping online has many flaws. 100% safety of every online transaction on e-commerce sites is still many miles away. As, there are many fake websites that are programmed to meet the sole purpose of stealing the exclusive information of the online buyers. These are not websites, criminals they are!

How to overcome this problem of online shopping? Some tips to make your online payment transaction safe and secure.


Know the credibility of the site

The first step you can take to prevent your sensitive information from reaching the computers of tech criminals is by shopping from reputed and credible sites.  The e-commerce sites with which you have some good experiences are worth considering at first. But in case if you don’t find the product you need on a site you trust, ask your friend for recommendations, or read online reviews. The latter one will take a few minutes to give its judgment.

Locked HTTP connection


Computer expert (or guys having basic knowledge) will not find this term new. But, for the commoners, you do need to new to learn definition by heart, or read through books to know. Before entering your credit card details, check to see if there is a puddle sign on the left top corner of the browser or not. And, the site payment page should start with HTTP. These two things are two rules which should be at your fingertips.

Don’t save your information

All (mostly) e-commerce websites request their customers to save their credit card information on their accounts, so that the next time they don’t have to do the form filling work. Is this convenient? Yes, but only after putting your sensitive data under some real threat. If you save your personal details on your accounts, browser, you run the risk of these details being hacked.

Check out as guest

No website will take you to the checkout page before making you share your personal details, from your name to your occupation; they want each and every thing. Take a shortcut by checking out as a guest, some sites offer this feature. Now, you have to fill the required information like the delivery address, no unnecessary details.

Monitor your credit card statement

All the above tips can go in vain if you are not obeying this one. Frequently and carefully monitor the bank statement of the card you always have in your wallet. See if there are no unauthorized transactions or charges. Many experts say you should keep a track of all the transactions you made online in the last 30 days, to compare your statement with your spending.

After walking through the above tips, you can relax and feel secure to implement the money saving tips like compare and shopping, coupon codes, etc. to get the best deals and discount on online shopping.


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