With the advancement in the server technology, making a choice is becoming harder and harder. Why hosting company should I choose? With the introduction of VPS on hosting scene, its gets even more difficult. But perhaps having the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Private servers would help you on your decision.

VPS Pros

Price – VPS are relatively cheap. When you compare dedicated servers of the same level, VPS offer more server power even though it’s virtual. They are slightly more expensive than regular web hosting plans and offer much more options. But you can always select a plan that suits you well and also there are plans for small businesses.

Setup – a virtual private server can be created faster than dedicated server. It has to be assembled and installed. That means that your VPS can be ready in just hours with all the required software installed.

Flexibility – more VPS servers exist than dedicated servers. They resemble regular cloud web hosting. Thus, you can always get a right solution regarding features and price.

Root access – you get a root access just like a dedicated server. You can, therefore, perform operations typical of the stand-alone dedicated server environment, you can install software and modules or work directly with your server’s OS. You can always do what you want and even customize settings.

Powerful – the VPS are always put in powerful machines that can work with different Virtual Private Servers. The physical servers are made of great hardware components. It allows for a virtual private server to sport many extra features.

Security – A virtual private server helps your primary server will be secured against most security exploits DDOS attacks; therefore you are relieved of the struggles of maintaining a secure server.

Easily upgradeable – you can upgrade to use more resources nearly instantly since you are using part of primary server’s resources. With dedicated servers, you will have to wait until a hardware component is installed on the server.

VPS Cons

Less powerful when compared to dedicated servers – it might be perfect to use VPS for a personal website or resource heavy applications, but running massive business portal having huge forum section sending many emails every day will drain the resources all the time. You will require a dedicated machine.

Limitations – there are several Virtual Private Servers at a time on the physical server just like in the cloud hosting account. If one server consumes too much RAM and CPU power, it can slow down the whole server. It can affect the VPS container even though you are not connected to the other server. Several software limitations exist preventing this from happening.

Require more technical skills – unlike cloud web hosting VPS server requires you to have a more technical expertise to maintain and manage it and this is so especially for unmanaged VPS hosting.

Support will be slower – a support technician can help you solve the problem faster when it comes to cloud hosting account than VPS server. It’s important to have more rapid support so that your site can be available always. A slow support means that it will lead to extended downtime. But make sure to always check VPS Reviews to ensure that you’re provider is doing the right thing.

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