Hairfinity and Its Drastic Side Effects

Hairfinity and Its Drastic Side Effects


What is hairfinity?

Hairfinity is a blend which is beneficial for hair. It contains all nutritious components,mainly vitamins which accelerate thegrowth of healthy hair and also protect it from all forms of damages and make them thick and extended. Besides, these advantages it also has certain undesirable side effects, which have adversely affected its users.

Side effects of ‘hairfinity’:

People facing problems such as hair loss, split,etc., prefer ‘Hairfinity.’The majority of customers are attracted towards this product by reading positive reviews supported by image evidence of their previous and present hair condition after usage of Hairfinity. Which is merely a marketing technique to attract new customers. Whereas, in reality, its users face many drastic effects after using it. Majorside effects of Hairfinity are following:

  1. Deficiency of B5 in body:

Firstly, as it is chemically and legally proven that Hairfinity containsa large amount of Biotin, which if taken in excessive amount causes adeficiency of B5 in thebody which results in acne.As biotin and B5 are absorbed in the human body through the same receptor which is present in the intestine.BUT, due to thepresence of biotin in excess vitamin B5 deficiency occurs,which ultimately leads to rashes on thebody.

  1. Headache itching and hair loss:

Secondly, the frequent users of Hairfinity complain about frequent severe headacheFurthermore, itscustomers, mainlywomen, complain about grievous itching in their scalp along with severe hair loss. A headache is severe thatin some cases the person consuming Hairfinity is unable to concentrate on any work.

  1. Cellular damage in body:

It also contains aspartame which is artificial sweetenerand phenylalanine is produced from it. Hence, it is scientifically reported that acute intake of aspartame could lead to cellular damage, mainly to thenervous system, which can put human life in danger. Therefore, it is a severe side effect.

  1. Uneven heart beat muscle pain and stomach ache:

Another side effect of Hairfiniy is that’s it also containsNiacin, which if consumed in immoderate amount causes uneven or abrupt heartbeat and breathing,severe stomach ache,serious allergies as its reaction, musclepains, etc.

  1. Harmful for pregnancy and lactation:

Lastly, Hairfinity pills are not strongly recommended for pregnant women and to women who are breastfeeding asit contains Niacin which may pass on to the baby.As niacin is dangerous for proper development of a baby in the womb as well as a baby under nursing care.


Overall, this product contains anexcessive quantity of harmful components which can damage human health. It put human life at risk and also causes wastage of money. The trust of thecustomer in Hairfinity soon vanishes due to its dreadful side effects.The blind trust of people in this product is awful as it has more side effects than advantages. People suffering from hair problems should prefer natural methods instead of hairfinity pills which have drastic side effects.

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