Stop worrying about auto theft with these 7 steps.

Research shows that an auto can be stolen within 20 seconds. Auto theft can occur to anybody. Vehicle thieves are all out both for new and old vehicles including the parts. This could mean the actual theft of the vehicle itself or valuable contents have been removed due to a thief gaining entry. There are proper steps we can take to reduce the chances of being a victim of such a despicable crime.
The smart ones search for the easiest vehicle to steal so they will have less chance of getting caught. In this sense, they work in much the same way as home thieves. You can take several simple steps to make your vehicle safer and hopefully make a thief pass your car and move on to another more accessible or valuable vehicle.
We interviewed a San Diego automotive locksmith to get some ideas on how to prevent automotive theft. This is their advice.

Take These Steps to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Auto Theft:

Car security systems

Car security systems have become extremely advanced. Having one installed in a car is one of the ways that you can avoid someone tampering with it. There are many kinds of systems to choose from, and most of them are affordable.


Be careful where you park

Be careful where you park. If you are parking in a supermarket car park, then try and park in full view of the entrance or where people are coming and going. If this is not possible then park the vehicle in full view. This may mean parking further away but it will still be visible should anyone act suspicious near it. Criminals can avoid detection if they are tampering with a vehicle that is obstructed by another.

Remove or Hide Valuables

Some auto thieves are not looking to steal your car, but the items you have in your vehicle. Remove or hide the expensive items. Avoid leaving any valuable items visible as temptation. It is also not a good to cover up a spare set of keys in the car in a magnetic key box because car thieves can quickly locate them.

Take your keys with you

One obvious thing you can do to keep someone from stealing cars is to never leave the keys in it. Many people think because they will only be away for a minute or two that their vehicle will be safe. This is precisely the window of opportunity that car thieves look for. Make it a habit of taking your keys out no matter if you are going to be in a place that will allow you to see your car.

Don’t leave your car unlocked

Think about how many times you left the car windows down because you were just running in the convenience store a soda and candy bar. Would you be shocked to know that many people have their cars stolen in this way? Some of the car thieves out there are professionals and can have your vehicle started and gone by the time you get out of that store.
Simple steps and common sense are all that is needed to protect your vehicle against car thieves. There are no foolproof methods here but recommendations to reduce the chance of theft. The small steps you take may make a thief move on and focus on another target which does not have the level of anti-theft protection you have in place.

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